Criminal Background Screening: Ongoing Alerts For Regular Employees

The number of companies using criminal background checks has grown exponentially in recent years. Companies small and large want to make sure their employees remain compliant with the company policy –  even after they are hired. The ongoing criminal record screening process sends an alert when there is a change to your employee’s criminal status, so you will always be aware of possible risks.

Why Use A Monitoring Service?

We all know that having a strong team is the key to business success. That’s why it’s important to ask yourself: “Do we really know who’s working for us?”. While you may not have any concerns for those who have stayed with the company for a long time and proved that they are diligent workers, it’s important to consider how their current actions can negatively affect the reputation of your company.

Among the many advantages, you can get from post-hire monitoring, include:

  • Awareness of potential workplace violence risks
  • Updated records of Sex Offender Registry
  • Pending arrest cases
  • Preventive measures for employee theft

How Does Criminal Record Monitoring Work?

Team Screening has 4 simple steps:

  1. Think about your business needs to decide whether continual criminal record monitoring would benefit your company, its reputation and the safety of your employees.
  2. Ready to get started? Simply notify Team Screening and we will implement the monitoring program for all employees we perform background checks on as well as employees we previously screened with no additional consent or paperwork required.
  3. Once a month, get notified about any new red flags found. The ongoing monitoring feature searches the national criminal records database for any changes in an employee’s criminal record history – including Sex Offender Registry, O.F.A.C., FBI Most Wanted and Global Terrorist Watch Lists.  
  4. Educate your team on staying compliant with company policy and inform them of continual criminal record monitoring. Transparency and openness with employees build staff relations and helps to maintain a really healthy atmosphere in your organization.