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Social Security Number Trace
County Criminal Records Search
Statewide Criminal Records Search
Nationwide Criminal Database Search
Sex Offender Registry Search
Credit Reports
Motor Vehicle Records
Federal Criminal Records Search
Civil Records Search
O.F.A.C. and Global Terrorists Watch List
Address History
Employment, Residence, & Reference Verifications
Medical Exclusion Records
Financial Industry Regulatory Authority FINRA
Drug Testing and Alcohol Screening

Speed, Efficiency & Attention To Detail

We offer a product and service that delivers the speed and efficiency of a large background check company with the attention to detail and client service of a boutique shop.

Our information is the most current and accurate background information available, leveraging today’s technology solutions, as well as human experience, for what is ultimately a business about people.

Team Screening, LLC is a proud member of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS), and continually tracks changes in evolving search technologies, industry practices and trends, government regulations, and human resources hiring standards to always keep our partners ahead of the game.

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